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How it Works

Once we receive the uniform shirts and necessary information, the process of making the bears begins. All bears are made in the order they are received and begins with the intake process of logging the shirts, along with the necessary information about the officer and the family.

Once the pattern pieces are complete, they go to one of our seamstresses to be sewn together. Each of the Blue Line Bears are sewn into 8 parts. A head, 2 ears, a body, 2 arms, and 2 legs are all sewn separately. The department patches and insignia, as well as the embroidered pieces are incorporated into the bear’s parts at this point. Eyes and Noses are sewn onto the head at this point as well. (They are made of the buttons from the shirt)

Following the sewing, joints are installed in the body, head, arms and legs, and each of the parts are stuffed individually, utilizing one of our 2 stuffing machines. After the parts have been stuffed, the seamstresses once again take the parts of the bear, and “close” seam them, as well as to sew the ears onto the head.

Final Assembly involves 2 team members assembling the bear with the joints, and then finishing it off with tying a St Michael’s Medal around the Blue Line Bear’s neck. A certificate is then printed with the bear’s number, and officer’s name. Bears are then delivered back to the family.

Total time necessary to make 1 bear is 9-10 hours of labor, plus processing time. There are many people involved in the making of each bear, and each bear is made with love, and detail! Being hand made, each bear is truly unique, and no portion of our bears are made in advance, or in bulk.

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Who qualifies to have bears made:

Any ACTIVE Law Enforcement officer who is killed in the line of duty or are categorized as taking their own life are qualified.

Is there a cost?

NO, Bears are made for the families at no cost

What is needed?

One complete uniform shirt per bear is needed, including all patches and insignia. We request long sleeved shirts, and if that is not possible, please include an extra shirt to ensure that we have enough material to make the bears.

How long does it take?

Our typical turnaround time is 5-6 months. Sometimes longer due to demand.

Are the bears handmade?

Every bear is hand made, with love and attention. We take the utmost care with the uniforms of all fallen heroes.

How many bears can be made for each family?

We will make as many bears as needed for immediate family members.

Who can request bears?

Departments, family liaisons, and family members can request bears for the children and family members of fallen officers. Verification may be necessary if the request is made by someone other than the family or an employee of the fallen officer’s department.

How do I request bears?

You can email or fill out the online Bear Application form to start the process. Once eligibility is established, you will be provided with information on where to send the shirts and what information needs to accompany them.